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One-on-One Coaching
Kariz Teh


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Certified Reiki Healing Level II Practitioner,

Tarot Consultant & Partner Consultant

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Why It's a Must Try:

Intuitive and Psychic Awareness Coaching aims to transform lives of individuals by involving spirituality to guide them in:

finding peace







To help create a deeper connection and understanding between themselves and a higher power

To help them assess, evaluate, understand, define, and accept their intuitive or psychic abilities, and how they can apply these gifts to their daily lives


To help them connect to their higher purpose and lead them to where their souls ought to be

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Quotes Part 3 Empowerment Life Coach Social Media Posts Part 1.png

1-on-1 or Intimate Group Coaching

Intuitive and Psychic
Awareness Coaching
AED 1,111/ USD 300/ PHP 15,300

Every Friday
1PM-6:30PM (GMT+4 Dubai UAE)
4AM-9:30AM (GMT-5 NY USA)
5PM-10:30PM (GMT+8 Manila Philippines)

1 hour & 30 minutes per session


Maximum of 4 live sessions in one month
Manual/ Presentation Slides

Success Stories

From My Clients

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Kariz is a certified Reiki Healing Level II practitioner and tarot consultant. She is also an intuitive empath, an oracle reader, and a psychic and fledgling medium, trained under renowned mentors in the Philippines and UK. She is currently doing her apprenticeship to become a Reiki Master-Teacher.

As an empowerment and spiritual coach, she aims to spiritually guide and help people find clarity and feel empowered by being their true intuitive selves.

Meet Kariz Teh

What Our Clients & Students Say

Coming so

— Manila, Philippines

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She has always been drawn to the spirit world ever since she was young. She had the ability to see, hear, know and sense energy and entities around her.


At first, she was not comfortable speaking about it because of her fear of being judged by others, however, even if she tried to suppress certain memories relating to her gifts, she accepted the fact that she needed to embrace it to fully live a complete life - to answer her calling of becoming someone who can help others through spiritual work… to become a shaman someday.

Spiritual Beings
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Clarity, Guidance
& Healing

Currently, she is learning more about her spirituality and is attending classes to master her craft. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in International Business Economics and Diplomacy, and a Juris Doctor degree in Law. She has also been recognized by different organizations for her leadership skills and service to the community. She has represented the country in different competitions abroad and have done a lot of speaking engagements to help others.

She is also an Account Manager and a Relationship Matchmaker for a US company, and has her own spiritual business where she helps people gain clarity, guidance, and healing. She aims to empower others like her and believes that building relationships based on trust is the key to give abundant support and encouragement to those who are in doubt and hesitant in diving deep into their spirituality.

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