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One-on-One Coaching
Jen Francisco


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Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Healer,
An Empath, Partner Consultant

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What You Will Learn
& Experience:

Get to the root of your trauma

Understand why you cannot break free

Be guided through Journal Therapy prompts

Practice Stress Release Tools for Trauma Healing, Freedom, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Inner Peace, and Self-Love

Understand about trauma and how to gradually heal from it

Discover your inner fears 

Dive deep into your mental, emotional and spiritual healing journey

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Quotes Part 3 Empowerment Life Coach Social Media Posts Part 1.png

1-on-1 session

1:1 Emotional Trauma Healing
AED 177/USD 48

Every Sunday 10 PM - 11:30 PM (Manila, PH time)

Success Stories

From My Clients

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What Our Clients & Students Say

"Ms. Jen helps me to understand everything about self love, to say No to others when we really need to. As highly sensitive person I would say that I understand myself more clearly because of Ms. Jen.  She enlightened me about how i feel and how to handle other people most especially those with narcissistic personality."

— Joanne Lozano, Manila, Philippines

Jen considers herself a cycle breaker, wounded self-healer and an empowered empath. A Reiki and Access Bars practitioner, CBT, EFT, and Hypnotherapy Coach Practitioner, Empath Empowerment and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, and Book Author, she believes in the importance of holistic healing in being free from depression and trauma and in healing the wounded inner child.

Meet Jen Francisco
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As a trauma survivor, she believes that self love and boundaries are essential tools to thrive as a loving mom and to be a light to other lost souls like she used to be. She used her wounds and struggles as pathways to finding her soul purpose.

She has a Masters degree in Development Communication and just completed her Diploma in Social Science and Counselling Skills but she also considers that her life experiences, her empathic nature and developed intuition have substantially equipped her in understanding a person’s situation everytime someone needs her help and guidance.

Empowered Empath
Image by Miguel Bruna
From Survivor
to Warrior

She also specializes in helping empaths and highly sensitive persons towards healing, empowerment, and recovery from trauma caused by narcissistic abuse and dysfunctional family patterns.


Her passion and life purpose is to bring awareness on the importance of self love, self worth and inner peace to be able to properly protect ourselves and to find our inner strength to thrive from being victims to survivors to warriors to conquerors.

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