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One-on-One Coaching
Aleli Carissa Gimena


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Passionate Empowerment Life Coaching Professional; Reiki Master Teacher; Access Bars Practitioner; ThetaHealing Practitioner; Ho'oponopono Instructor; Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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Private Coaching on:

Self-Love & Body Love

Love, Relationships and Soulmates 

Manifesting and Abundance through Energy Healing and Neuro-linguistic Programming

Finding your life purpose and turning your passion projects into profits

Reiki Level 1 / 2 / 3 Certification Course

Exclusive access to monthly Intimate Group Coaching and monthly Soul Soothe Sessions

Health, wellbeing, lifestyle and spiritual overhaul

Tantra Yoga and Pranayama Breathwork Classes

Hand Shadow
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AED 888 /EUR 241

1 Month Package for 2022

(1hr to 1.5hrs, one-on-one or Intimate Group Coaching for 3 persons)

1 month commitment paid upfront

Whole Month One-On-One Private Coaching Sessions

*Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 5 online coaching sessions of 1hr each in a span of 1 month

(Scheduled 1-2 times a week and any cancellation must be done at least 24 hours before class or else waived)

AED 2,555 /EUR 696

3 Month Package for 2022

(24 sessions of 1 hr each, for 1-3persons)

Everything you need to know about energy healing and wellbeing

Success Stories

From My Clients

Our Clients & Partners
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What Our Clients & Students Say

Thanks Aleli for the extra knowledge on how to take care of my well-being and by regain confidence to lift up myself from traumas and be one happy person again.

— Eliza Caspe, Manila, Philippines

Reiki Courses & Sessions
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REIKI Level 2 or Reiki Second Degree aims to bring the students into a Higher Level of Consciousness and a deeper spiritual practice which involves the connection to the Divine Self, Oneness, and Enlightenment using symbols and mantra.


You will:

1. Deepen your understanding and the connections of each chakras or energy centers.

2. Be able to focus and channel more universal life force energy.

3. Learn how to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and on a distance, across time and space.

4. Discover the sacred Reiki symbols.

5. Understand the multi-dimensional level of the human body and realities.

6. Practice the Reiki Meditation for Second Degree Practitioners.

7. Discover more about yourself and your connection with Divine Source Energy.

8. Strengthen your intuition and connection with Reiki.

9. Gather more practical tips for Reiki Professional Practice.




  • Intimate Group Coaching

  • Manual

  • Healing Attunement

  • Certificate

  • Guidance/ Mentoring

  • Presentation Slides

Message @karmayogadubai to enroll before slots run out.

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Are you ready to become a Reiki Master? 💖 Are you willing to take the next step in your spiritual practice and transcend to newer heights? ✨

In this multiple certificate course 3-Month Apprenticeship Program, you will learn:

- Chakra Healing and Aura Cleansing
- Enhancing Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities for Manifestation
- The Reiki Master Symbol and Attunement
- Successful Spiritual Business
- Refresher of your learnings in Reiki Levels 1-3 & MORE 🌸🌻🌷

Live, online via Zoom.

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Receive Divine Messages and spiritual guidance from our angels and the Universe channeled by Angel Oracle, Reiki Master Teacher Aleli Carissa Gimena.

Oracle Guidance is included in our Empowered Women’s Club Packages.

Avail 1-on-1 sessions and packages

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Receive inspiration, encouragement, and answers from your angels and spirit guides weekly.

Do you seek nurturing guidance from the angelic realms?

Come join our FREE Oracle Guidance in our WhatsApp GC!

With oracle card readings, you can find out more about your current life situation, and receive encouraging wisdom from above. Each deck is different in the way that it communicates! That’s the 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑢𝑡𝑦 of Oracle cards!

See you on WhatsApp!

Meet Aleli Carissa Gimena

Aleli Carissa is a Wellbeing Coach, Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Success Mentor, Transformational Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Executive Training Provider accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. She advocates spiritual wellbeing, personal development and women empowerment.

Having earned her degrees in Master of Arts in Education and Juris Doctor in Law, and having studied esoteric practices for more than 10 years now, she loves learning and sharing wisdom.

She specializes in nurturing and teaching young adults & professionals to heal themselves, develop empowering beliefs, align with their life purpose, and co-create with the universe.


After a major heartbreak and life-changing event, her spiritual healing and self-love journey began in 2012 when she first practiced Yoga and learned about the power of Reiki to heal herself of emotional pains and her son of physical diseases. She then discovered the wonders of ThetaHealing. In 2019, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training Course in Shri Kali Ashram, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Self-love Journey
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Reiki Master Teacher & Empowerment Life Coach

She has been attuned as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2020 and appointed as Council Elder for Reiki Wellness Manila in 2021.


In the same year, she founded and registered Empowerment Life Coaching in the UAE. She now works together with her team of partner consultants and wellbeing coaches.

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She advocates personal development and spiritual wellbeing and holds certifications in Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Body Love, Face Yoga, Goddess Connection, Tantra, Chakra and Aura Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Science of Happiness, Manifesting Abundance, Confidence for Women, Existential Wellbeing Counseling, Mental Wellbeing, Capacitar Multicultural Wellness Education (Training in Healing and Transformation), and Ho'oponopono (Ancient Hawaiian Art of Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Love), among other Energy Healing modalities and Holistic Health Practitioner courses.


She now specializes in helping people discover and align with their life purpose; and shift from their limiting beliefs into an empowering mindset - from victim mentality to winning confidence; from lack to abundance; from worry to trust; from resentment to peace; from fear to forgiveness, faith and love.

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