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Releasing & Letting Go Wellbeing Workshop

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Join our WELLBEING WORKSHOP with @alelicarissa & @christinedychiao ! Join Aleli & Christine as they discuss the art of letting go, and the true meaning and value of decluttering your space, detoxifying your body, and releasing everything and anything that no longer serves your heart, mind and soul. In this workshop, • You will learn useful strategies in processing your emotions so you can release, forgive and let go with loving ease. • We will practice intentional mindfulness breathing exercises for Letting Go of Toxicity and EFT tapping techniques for Emotional Freedom & Acceptance. • You will be guided through self-discovery journal prompts on Releasing, Surrendering to the Universe, Trusting and Having Faith in Divine Timing • We will explore the Creative Process of Decluttering for Clarity and the Vacuum Law of Prosperity. • We will show you how to recognize and release resistance and quickly shift back into a state of absolute, blissful allowing, anytime of the day. Together, we will wind up the workshop with Positive Affirmations, Reiki Group Healing Meditation, and ThetaHealing Energetic Downloads. BUY THE ON DEMAND WEBINAR HERE: Steps: 1. Send us a message in our Instagram page with your email 2. We will send you the payment details 3. Send your proof of payment 4. We will send the Zoom password 5. Enjoy!

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AED 159.00


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