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Introduction to Reiki: Healing with the Power

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Introduction to Reiki: Healing with the Power of Universal Energy Heal Yourself as a Reiki practitioner! Begin to awaken the Universal Life Source Energy within you in this free webinar! In this webinar, get to know the basics about Reiki & how it can improve your health & wellbeing with @alelicarissa for FREE! What is Reiki? Reiki means Universal Spiritual Energy from the Divine Source. Reiki is an ancient healing art, a spiritual practice, and a gift of life. It is a path to enlightenment and a way of connecting to our higher self, our Inner Being, the Creator, the Universe, and Divine Love. It is within all of us waiting to be fully awakened and to be used to know our Inner Being or True Self. Reiki is unconditional love, divine wisdom, divine purpose, and living life in peace, trust, gratitude, joy, and so much more. Complete this webinar to get 2 badges!

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