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برنامج ريكي ماستر للتدريب المهني لمدة 10 أسابيع

كن محترفًا في ريكي  + مدرب العافية في 3 أشهر!

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Reiki First Degree
(Shoden Level)

The Reiki First Degree or the Shoden Level is the first step in learning Reiki.

The aim of Reiki is knowing our Inner Being which is the Divine Self. The Divine Self is the one that is connected to Reiki. We are part of the Reiki and we are one with Reiki. The hands-on-healing on oneself and others is just one tool of knowing our inner being but not the main goal of Reiki.


Unlike other healing arts, Reiki is passed from master to student through a Reiki Attunement that allows the student to connect to the Universal Reiki Source. The attunement allows you to become a vessel of Reiki, and move or channel Reiki energy for yourself and others.

Reiki First Degree allows us to change our ways and minds to live with the Reiki Precepts so we all can be one with the Divine Life Force Energy Source. In order to heal ourselves and others, we should first awaken the Reiki within ourselves to be able to share it to others.


Reiki First Degree aims to teach us how to find our Inner Being through Meditation, Living with Reiki Principles, Hands-on Healing, and Receiving Attunements.

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Reiki1st Degree: Begin to awaken the Universal Life Source Energy within you!

In Level 1, you will discover the history, philosophy and principles of Reiki. You will learn the basic understanding of Ki work, how to feel and work with energy, and practice giving a full Reiki treatment to yourself and others:

What You Will Learn

 💖 Introduction: What is Reiki? 💖

The Reiki Shoden Level History

The 5 Reiki Principles

Reiki Meditation



 💖 What are Chakras? 💖

Chakra Balancing

The 7 Chakras and Aura/Human Energy Field

The Tanden / Tantien Points

Positive Ki and Negative Ki

💖 Healing Attunement 💖

Start of 21-Day Self-Healing Meditation

💖 Healing Others Through Reiki 💖

Practicum: Healing Yourself & Others 

💖 Q & A 💖

💖 Complimentary 1-on-1 Oracle Guidance or Energy Healing Session 💖

(to be scheduled within 2023)


✨ Intimate Group Coaching ✨

✨ Manual ✨

✨ Healing Attunements ✨

✨ Certificate ✨

✨ Guidance / Mentoring ✨

✨ Presentation Slides ✨


June 11, 2023



8 Hours


10 AM - 6 PM (GMT+4)
Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪

2 PM - 10 PM (GMT+8)
Manila, PH 🇵🇭

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Aleli Carissa Gimena

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Aleli Carissa is a REIKI MASTER TEACHER, INTUITIVE SUCCESS MENTOR, WELLBEING COACH, Transformational Teacher, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Holistic Therapist and Executive Training Provider accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

She advocates spiritual wellbeing, self-love, personal development and women empowerment. Having earned her degrees in Master of Arts in Education and Juris Doctor in Law, and having studied esoteric practices for more than 11 years now, she loves learning and sharing divine wisdom.

She specializes in nurturing and teaching young adults & professionals to heal themselves, develop empowering beliefs, align with their life purpose, and co-create with the universe.


What Our Clients & Students Say

Highly Recommending Aleli as a Reiki Master, Healer and Teacher. I just love her energy in Goddess Empowerment Workshops, her flexibility in all aspects for classes and sessions whether it be for class timings or catching up on video recordings and her guidance as an Oracle Card Reader is so Divine! I have learnt so many manifestation tools through the beautiful ways she presents them to us and so many intuition-sharpening and psychic techniques in her classes that I do apply in my life and to help others as well. In short, connecting to Aleli is always a pleasure and I always experience a fantastic quantum leap to a better reality each time I finish a workshop, a healing, an oracle card reading or a class with her.✨👌🏻☄️

— Aneesa Emmambokus

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