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أفضل 3 جلسات شعبية يجب أن تجربها

أو هدية جلسة لشخص مميز!

Image by Drew Colins.png

إظهار الوفرة واكتشاف الغرض من حياتك

تبادل وفرة:
2.5 ساعة P5،550 / USD 111

Image by Aiony Haust

حب الذات وحب الجسد للشفاء + التدريب

ورشة عمل فردية أو جماعية عن الرفاهية
2.5 ساعة P5،550 / USD 111

Image by Allef Vinicius

الحب ، رفقاء الروح والعلاقات الشفاء + التدريب

جلسة فردية
1.5 ساعة 3،330 بيزو فلبيني / 77 دولارًا أمريكيًا

Mid-Year Abundance Special Gift

(This offer is for June to July 2022 only)

برنامج ريكي ماستر للتدريب المهني لمدة 10 أسابيع

with Distant Reiki Healing Wash for Manifesting Intentions
77 AED / 20 EUR


3 questions + intentions on any particular life issue (Life Purpose, Career, Love, Relationships, Abundance, etc.)
via WhatsApp or email 


DM @alelicarissa or WhatsApp +971525234237 to book

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Divine Soul Reading
Image by ivan zakharenko

Intuitive Guidance Readings are a wonderful way of exploring and discovering one’s true self. We will channel Divine Soul messages in answering your life questions on any aspect of your life, depending on your priority concern.

Life or Soul Readings allow us to understand our past and current situation, so we can find clarity in the Now and direction to the future, and so we can discover new perspectives and shift our negative programming into a more positive mindset.

with Aleli Carissa Gimena  1 hour @ $60.00 

1-on-1 Certification Courses

Want to learn Reiki to heal yourself & others?

Join our Reiki Certificate Courses Reiki Level
1, 2, 3 & Reiki Master Apprenticeship

with Reiki Master Teacher, Aleli Carissa Gimena

Image by Luz Mendoza

Pranayama & Bandha:

The Healing Power of Breath

Become a Breath Coach!


Rejuvenate Your Mind, Uplift Your Mood and Activate Your Body’s Self-Healing Powers with Pranayama and Bandha

Image by Jared Rice

Heal inner conflicts and past issues that are blocking you from creating the life of your dreams and experiencing more love and intimacy in your relationships.

Image by Roberta Sorge

Ho’oponopono for Health and Wellbeing

Experience the healing power of forgiveness, gratitude and love, and apply Ancient Hawaiian Principles for better health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

Image by Emily Shirron

This workshop aids you in loving and appreciating your body for what it is now and helps you to achieve the body you want through learning nutrition facts, positive affirmations, mindfulness techniques and ridding yourself of self-limiting beliefs and negative habits.

Image by Hanna Postova
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