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fans Menu Hilarious Backstories of Horrible Characters in Movies So one thing I noticed recently is that there seems to be a lot of ridiculous backstories to characters from the movies that you don’t normally hear, but everyone seems to make an argument for. It could be a character that is always in the background, always the funniest character in the movie, or even one that only really ever makes a single appearance in the movie (and not very many appearances at that). So I decided to post some of the better ones that I came across, so I could make a list of them (and also prove that I was right about what I thought the backstories were). There are a lot of ways that a character can have a “backstory”, depending on the viewpoint that the audience is seeing the character through. So for instance, with the Grandfather from Coraline, the audience is seeing Coraline as a child, so Coraline’s grandfather is just a regular old guy who is a lot like Coraline’s father. They are just two normal people with nothing particularly special about them. But then, the audience is also seeing the same character from the perspective of Coraline as an adult, and Coraline’s grandfather is now something that is a lot different. In this case, it is the grandfather who is being so nice and making everyone laugh, while the father is being mean and strict. And that is the first reason why I say that there are different perspectives to character backstories. The other reason why there are different perspectives is because the audience and the characters can see the same event, or experience, or even just know the same person, but it can be seen through different lenses. So for instance, on the television show Scrubs, J.D. was sent to a kids’ hospital by his father, because J.D. was always too good for the people that he grew up around. But the audience was also seeing J.D. from the perspective of a very young J.D., and as a child, J.D. didn’t mind being taken away from his normal environment, and going to a hospital full of sick kids. Another example is when the movie “The Dinner Game” is about a husband and wife trying to outsmart each other in a game of social chit-chat. But they are also both seeing themselves and the situation as if




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